Our galaxy of code.

There are hundreds and hundreds of programming languages today. And bilions and bilions of lines of code written in them. Large amount of it is public. And whats most interesting thing is that every line of this gargantuous ammount of code has been created by inteligent human beeings. That means that galaxy of codes reflects how things works how we think, who we are and maybe even meaning of life is reflected in code we have. Think about it.


Its amazing universe to explore. And you can fly throught this universe and discover new worlds, great stories, great succes, deep falls.


And at this point someone will come and say "I created new programming language". What??? Thats not what we need today. You are wasting your potential! We need tools which helps us discover, organize, understand, improve our galaxy of code.


We need to build bridges betwen different ways to say stories. New programming language dont help us, they are isolating us. New programming language make whole thing more complicated. Every new programming language is only combination of features of languages we already have. We are at stage in computing age where is not interesting to make new programmin language. You can make automatic tool which generates milions of variants of programming languages and its syntaxes and semantics. Thinkink that new programming language saves us is like thinkink that new human language will save us.


I dont say that existing languages are better than your new language. I say that they are good enought to say stories. And thats good enought. We need to transcend from syntax of programming language. Because its not syntax what matters, is what you say with that syntax and if you can share that with others.


So please dont waste your time with inventing new programming languages. Instead invest your time to make tool which helps to connect us instead of making tools to separate us in 


Our galaxy of code.


PS. Sorry for my english - I definitely need more tools. :-)

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